Kane FM Website and Launch

Easy peeps, 

The new Kane FM site is having it’s finishing touches added as we speak, new look, new contact us page and some minor cosmetic adjustments and then it’s ready for the fun task of loading the back dated content! Simon , Jonnie, Ian and myself are going to be loading the back dated content into the site and will also be reviewing all future content added to the site, which includes, but is not limited to posts, articles, events, comments, pictures and videos. All content submitted to the site will need to be approved by one of us before it is added. 

Launch date hasn’t been confirmed…what has been confirmed though is Kane FM’s involvement at Guilfest 2011 bringing exclusive content to the masses July 2011. Kane FM have teamed up with the Funky End team, to bring the best locally revered and nationally renowned talent together in one place, meaning the content provided will not only be exclusive, it will also no doubt include tunes, beats, lyrics and turntable trickery no one has ever seen or heard before! Guilfest is going to be BIG! 

Kane FM 103.7 IT Policy is nearly finished!

With the impending launch of Kane FM, this week I have been mostly finalising the IT usage policy for the Kane FM family. All that needs to be done is add the finishing touches to the Twitter and Facebook admin sections. Once this has been given the green light from Ian, it will be handed over to the producers at our final production training meeting this Saturday 22nd January 2011 and Kane FM’s online presence should be bigger and louder than ever. With a total of 1500 active users on Kane FM’s official Facebook page, before we have even launched, we will be starting in a strong position to move forward.

In other news, I am also close to finalising the new Kane FM website. The new site will have a simpler, cleaner image than the current site and will also incorporate functionality from some of the popular social networking sites, as seen on many music orientated sites. In addition to this, it will be managed by the producers at Kane FM and will have up to date show information, current events info, interviews, videos, mixes from Mixcloud…if you are after some of the most up to date music and music information available on the internet, www.kanefm.com is the place to start looking.

Coming Spring 2011

Camo & Krooked - Nothing Is Older Than Yesterday by ViperRecordings

Camo & Krooked - Nothing Is Older Than Yesterday (New Single)


Told about a free music production suite today on Linux GPL. Not sure how good it is, will be testing it tonight! http://goo.gl/8PSOn

There ain’t no party like a Kane FM party!!

Image taken @ http://www.backlinelive.com/Default.aspx

Next event is 26th February 2011 with Funtcase, Sigma, Cause & Effect and Scorzayzee @ Backline Live in Guildford

Kane FM 103.7 - Crew T-Shirt Design by Dark


Coming to a radio near you Spring 2011 - broadcasting from Guildford, received all over the world.

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